“Munkhiin Bolor” LLC

Munkhiin Bolor LLC was established in 2003, since then we have been continuously working for 10 years on making liquor products and sausages. Furthermore, we are doing foreign and domestic trading until today.
Now our company has its own factory, which is capable of manufacture 7-8 tons of products per day, we have more than 50 employees and able to make 10 kinds of smoked sausages, 7 kinds of boiled sausage, 6 kinds of guts meat sausage, 3 kinds of especially smoked sausages and graded meats in total of 29kinds of liquor products we make.
Our company’s main goal is a new technology for the best taste, within this framework, we invited experts from Russia and Germany to exchange ideas and experiences.
Company history
2006-Established own factory improved the production output and renewed technology
2010-Bring into the exploitation of 500 tons Refrigerator, and established a new factory for grading meats process.
As a supplement of annual use of 30-35tons meat, we send out our own herders to Zavkhan, Darkhan, and Bulgan aimag to herd livestock for our company usage.
2012-For enlargement of our factory we are adding new factories and imported new technologies from Germany to use.

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